Multisection pages in quark as placeholders - with teaser


I’m using grav for a some website and I like it very much, thanks all for the great work. I’m trying to tweak the quark theme in order to have a multisection pages with titles working as placeholder. Maybe it’s trivial - or maybe there are others better ways to get it. Trying to explain myself: in a page like this

I’d like that, when you click on sections, the previous page remains - only as teaser - fixed on the top. A kind of placeholder? That’s because we’re trying to switch from SPIP to grav around 50 issues of a magazine, every issue with 4-5 section. We think a magazine issue would be a multisection page, every section will be a section, and every article a subsection. But, having a teaser at the top of the previous section, make it easier to follow where you actually are in the reading process. Does it make sense?

after that we will put a filter to choose within the issues/articles. Maybe a skeleton like this Plugins | Grav CMS would be better, with filters (“plugins” will be instead “magazine issues”)?

any suggestion will be highly appreciated, thank you