Multiple collection pages and popular tags


I have a site with three pages using the “blog” template, so they all have their own collection of children pages. Let’s say they’re called “A” “B” and “C”.

For instance in the page “A” i try to click a popular tag only present in B. It leads to an empty page.

I think I have to separate problems :
The popular tags plugins always uses the current “parent” page as the base url for the link. In the exemple “

If I remove the base url in the adress bar to force a full site search of the tag (in the exemple it search to the default page of the site, which is C.

Do you think I have to change the page hierarchy to add a top page containing the 3 pages and use this page for the tag search ?


Is this the plugin you are using?


Yes, I use the antigrav theme, which uses this plugin


I’m upping this message without answer, because I have exactly the same setup and same issue.

My question is: how do you create different sets of tags for different categories? Or, how do you tell Taxonomylist plugin to use 2 different blog routes, one for each parent page?


@VincentF, @marcocevoli Could it be that you both are trying to solve the ‘problem’ that ‘Popular tags’ is showing tags from blog A + B + C? Would you perhaps like blog A to show only tags defined in A, B to show only tags for B, etc?

If so, you might try using ‘children_only: true’ in ‘/partials/sidebar.html.twig’:

{% include 'partials/taxonomylist.html.twig' with {'base_url':new_base_url, 'taxonomy':'tag', children_only: true} %}