Maximum text width on a page / page width?

What’s the best / easiest way of limiting the amount of text on a page / the page width?

Concretely, the text on my blog spans the full width of my screen, which on a 17 inch laptop is quite unappealing. Not sure if this is the page width or text width?

Hi. That’s not really a Grav question but a CSS question.

If you are using Grav, there may be a simple answer depending on the theme you are using. Please say which one.

With the small amount of context you provide, I can suggest looking at which HTML element contains your content you want to limit. The CSS property called max-width could be set to either a percentage or a fixed value on devices with screen width greater than X.

There’s a whole lot more to this and several other ways to achieve the same thing, but it’s too much to explain everything here and I don’t even know what you already know.

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Apologies for the late answer and thank you, indeed I just needed to be reminded that CSS exists :smiley:

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