iPhone native news app couldn't add Feed from website

When adding a feed from the website to the native news app on a iPhone it would come up with “Couldn’t add feed”. “demo.getgrav.org” couldn’t be added to news. is there anyway of fixing that?

Not tried it, but what URL did you use to add the feed?

Sorry for the late response. the url is http://tmcommunities.com/caneisland/announcements.rss . when I click on the link in the blog page it would allow me to add it on my computer but when i try it on my iPhone it would give that error.

Does appear to be valid: https://validator.w3.org/feed/check.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftmcommunities.com%2Fcaneisland%2Fannouncements.rss

Although, it does recommend categories (which are just the taxonomy tags you set) - https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-feed/blob/develop/templates/feed.rss.twig#L23

would setting these correct the issue?

I added it to ReadKit correctly. Why would it call demo.getgrav.org ? I don’t have the native News app to try it.

i used demo.getgrav.org as an example of the error that was being shown on my iphone when adding the rss feed to the apple news app.

I don’t think Apple News app actually works with RSS feeds, it only supports the special Apple news publishing format. You need an App like Reeder or something that understands RSS feeds.

apple news app does use rss feeds from external website feeds. i do have multiple feeds from different websites i follow on that app. it did work for awhile before i did the updates to a copule plugins not the feed it’s self but overall updates i haven’t updated in while.

Feeds plugin really hasn’t changed much, more likely it was an update on apple’s side that broke this functionality. Try another RSS reader app to compare.