Interesting Cookie error - Bug?

Soon after setting up my local site I started getting Cookie errors thrown in the form “Cookie names cannot contain any of the following ‘=,; \r
\013\014’” whilst trying to initiate the session.

In the Admin Plugin>Configuration I changed the session name from “grav-site” to “something else” and inadvertently introduced an error. This value is used to form the cookie name and Cookie names may not contain spaces. Only after quite a bit of investigation (coming from a non-coder) did I discover the cause. Well, I’m grateful that I found the error.

I think though that if someone inserts a space in the session name, that should be converted to some other character to avoid this error from being thrown.

I see your issue in github. Looks legit, i will get it sorted shortly.

Thanks, Andy :slight_smile: I’m not sure but it seems as though the space is converted to an underscore. Maybe that causes the error?

Thanks, I see that it is fixed - should have checked before my previous comment.