Image link needs to open page

Is there a way of opening the page, when only the link to an image is available?

Change the href to the destination you need, and remove any references to lightbox or featherlight

Yeah, that answer would be normally applicable because i didn’t asked my question correctly enough… So not quite what i was looking for…

I’m searching for some kind of preventing 'hot-image leeching/linking’
if that’s the correct term.

So when another side links to ‘my images’, opening in another tab/page would open the complete page in stead of the image only.

I think this needs to be realised in .htacess but i don’t know where i can find the correct answer…

Prevent hotlinking of images, though I am unsure of conflicts between Grav and such a solution.

Thanks I’ll investigate that option, and give it a try.