Http to https error in infinity.js

Good afternoon all,
I just changed my web from http to https. and works ok , or at least it’s look like. nevertheless the google browser inspector detected the following error:

I don’t know if is a critical error, or what kind of problem could bring in the future.
or just ignore it.


infinity.js:14 Uncaught ReferenceError: infiniteScroll is not defined
at infinity.js:14
at infinity.js:660

 // HTTP ajaxurl when site is HTTPS causes Access-Control-Allow-Origin failure in Desktop and iOS Safari
if ( "https:" == document.location.protocol ) {
	infiniteScroll.settings.ajaxurl = infiniteScroll.settings.ajaxurl.replace( "http://", "https://" );

Try a bin/gpm selfupdate or selfupgrade cant remember. Let me know how it goes !!

Thanks @holzy can you orient me little bit further? I’m still lost.


Go to the root of your project and run that command in a terminal.