Help with my header misalignment

Hello! Being quite inexperienced with web development, i’m not sure how to fix a possibly simple problem. The problem being, on Windows computers, the header isn’t aligned properly and ends up out-of-place, also causing the page to be too wide.

My website is:

The header, ‘The steps of our system’, is supposed to be below the row of images, not between them.

Could someone give me an idea on how to resolve this issue?


From what I’ve seen you should fix these things in your template:

  • multiple id=“pricing” (id should be unique)
  • the source of your problem is that class “modular-row” doesn’t exists in your css, just change it to “row”

Thanks for the advice. I’ll admit i’ve been very messy with the site and most things have the pricing id.

I had to remove some unnecessary info from the images to make it work, as your suggestions didn’t fix it. But thanks anyway!