📢 **HELP!** Plugin & Theme Maintenance

Many Plugins and Themes are outdated, broken, or both. @rhuk I, for one, am willing to work on this problem, but I need HELP. I have four (4) goals:

  • Goal #1: Draw attention to this problem. (Working on it!)
  • Goal #2: Gather a list of plugins that need to be fixed, updated, or removed.
  • Goal #3: Make a list of broken themes too.
  • Goal #4: Start fixing stuff!

A lot of the fixing can be done by Pull Requests or Forking (if nobody responds to Pull Requests) on Github. For example, this plugin needs to be fixed, and here is the Pull Request page: Pull requests · Birssan/grav-plugin-about-me · GitHub

So, let’s get working on this problem. BUMP this topic often and help out when you can!

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