Grav functionalities

Hello Grav community!

We want to use Grav and we are wondering whether using some functionalities is possible and where to enable these in the CMS. Is there someone with the experience who could please help and answer that?

List of functionalities:

  1. Inserting Instagram photos/videos into the articles.
  2. Inserting Spotify feed with music into the articles (example HERE -
  3. Inserting YouTube/Vimeo videos into the articles.
  4. Inserting “static” photos into the articles (example HERE - static photo of Nespresso and books).
  5. Inserting GIFs
  6. Creating galleries with pictures, videos and Instagram photos.
  7. Photos cropping - in general how does Grav CMS work in regards to that?

Thanks very much in advance!

Hi! Happy to hear that you wish to try Grav!

All of these functionalities are possible and some are in fact are very simple to implement!

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All of these are very easy to customize to your needs!

Have fun!

Procrates, many thanks for detailed answers!!