Google Maps MapShortcode.php not recognised

Works perfectly on local dev, but on live just the [google-maps …] displays. If I move MapShortcode.php into the user/plugins/shortcode-core/shortcodes/ folder its perfect! The onShortcodeHandlers() method in GoogleMapsPlugin never gets called. I thought its a permissions issue but checked that. I copied the two plugins (google-maps and shortcodes) up via ftp, i.e. not “installed via admin”. Any ideas?

It should work fine if you simply copied your local plugin folders to your live site.

if you have any local configurations in user/config/plugins you should copy those up too. Does GoogleMapsPlugin come with a shortcode? or is that another plugin. Are you sure you copied the shortcode-core plugin to live site? that is required for shortcodes to work. Is this plugin disabled on live site?