FreshDesk installed but not working

Hi all,

You’re probably sick of me now with all my questions / issues! Sorry one more :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to now install the FreshDesk plugin. However, when i activate it and configure a new modular page with it in, it appears to not work and it also breaks my other contact form.

This is what happens with my contact form:


Here’s what happens when i try to create a ticket via the recommened FreshDesk shortcode.


I’ve created a new modular page with a folder for FreshDesk and my main page header (showcase)

Folder Layout:

Any ideas on what could be breaking it? I have added my domain and api key for FreshDesk.

Thanks in advance.

You should probably submit an issue on the plugin’s repository.

Thanks, i will do. I thought it’s probably something i’m doing wrong as aposed to an issue with the plugin.