Form Nonce on Multiple Forms

I have a modular page with more than one form. Everything works as expected but the page doesn’t validate.
The reason for this is that each form has a field as follows

<input type="hidden" id="form-nonce" name="form-nonce" value="********" />

As you can see, the input has an id of form-nonce and you can only have one instance of an id per page if you want to be able to pass HTML validation.

Also, the value for each form-nonce is the same for every form, should it be different?

It’s correct that the value of the form-nonce is the same one for all the frontend forms, as it’s a temporary value linked to the session and the current site security salt, renewed every 12 hours.

I don’t think HTML validation with multiple forms on the same page was ever considered, open an issue on so we can track it.

Hi flaviocopes,
Thanks for the advice, I have submitted an issue