Filters in Linkurls in _portfolio (theme: Photographer)

the theme “photographer” offers a “”. This is used in modular pages like “home” to produce some teaser-boxes. In the header of “” you can define (amongst other things) a “linkurl” for each teaser-box.

Now I want to promote in the portfolio-boxes different types of pictures in the “gallery”. This types are the same as the “filters” in “gallery”. The “linkurl” in each box should only lead to the matching part of the “galery”.

What do I have to do, that this will work?
Unfortunately the skeleton “photographer” does not contain examples for this kind of links.

Thanks for tiupps.

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

Hallo rhukster,
thanks for Your answer. Unfortunately the link does not solve my problem. In theme “photographer” it looks like that:

  1. All foto.jpg are in the folder “gallery”

  2. In the header (frontmatter) of “” you can define some “filters” for the pictures and then you can use this “filters” to declare each picture.

  3. In the template “gallery.html.twig” the “filters” are used in a menu with a button for each “filter”. So You can decide, if you want to see all pictures or only the pictures with a certain filter.

This is the code:

  1. Now I wonder, how I can use the same filters in links on another page e.g. “home”.

Kind regards