Extension 'highlight'

I’ve recently updated my site to the current version (v1.0.0-rc.4) and updated all extensions.
Today I added the extension ‘highlight’ in order to use gfm highlighting.
Now, all my menu’s have disappeared, instead just showing two menu’s ‘top’ and ‘highlights’. Below the title there is a link ‘read the documentation’ which wasn’t there and all other links on the home page don’t work anymore.

(independent of this time machine has stopped working on El Capitan, so I can’t restore any recent backup except an incidental copy I made in March)

I’m unsure if the name of the extension and the second new menu ar similar by coincidense, and I’m not fully sure the problem started after I installed that extension, but I’m guessing they did.

Any suggestions are welcome

Hi, Grav calls its “extensions” as “plugins,” just to have the same naming convention :wink:

Try disabling (or entirely remove) the plugin you installed, does that fix the issue you’re having?