Error in AddJs/AddCss functions in Assets.php

I was trying to add a js file using the AddJs method of the Assets class. There is an issue with the parameter $pipeline, specifically line 320 in Assets.php:

  • ‘pipeline’ => $pipeline ?: true *

This always evaluates to true, even if $pipeline is set to false. I had to change this line to:

  • is_null($pipeline) ? true : $pipeline *

A similar error is present in the method AddCss.


Pipeline should be set to either true or false in your configuration. It should not be left blank or null.

I was setting it to false when calling the method, but it’s set to true when assigned to the array $data, it’s impossible to set it to false.

I’ll have to look at it, but i’ve never had a problem nor seen any problem of this kind reported. Can you please create an issue here:

Ok will do, thanks for having a look.