Deleted page by mistake


Just deleted a blog page in error from “Manage Pages”
Pretty sure there is no “undo”
Don’t have a recent backup
Is there some way to restore this page, from cache maybe?


Two suggestions:

  • On linux you could do 'grep -r <word in page> *' on the /cache folder.
    It might find one or more binary files like "cache/doctrine/60/672d386637336635… If you open it with a text-editor you might be lucky.
  • Is the page indexed by Google? Do a Google search using site:mydomain. If the page is shown in the search results, there might be a litlle arrow next to the url. This will show you the cached version of the page.


Very helpful, thanks
The grep method would have worked perfectly except, sadly the cache had been cleared by that time.
Oh well, now I know for next time (may there not be one!)

  • Steve