Create Categories in Grav

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my English…

I explain myself, I have exported all the pages of my Wordpress with the complement. I copied them in the pages section of Grav.

And now I need to import the Categories that the WP plugin has exposed to me, but I’m new, I don’t control a lot of programming…

I attach an image, with the txt I have to import the categories in Grav.

How can I create the categories, step by step?

I really appreciate your help :grinning:

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There is no direct way to take categories from WordPress to Grav, you’ll want to make sure you have taxonomies: [category,tag] in site.yaml (see Taxonomy), and use the category in each Page. For example:

title: Post 1
    tag: dog
    category: animal
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Ok OleVik, thank you very much for your response :grinning: