Consent plugin - Modal form that shows just once

Hi All,

I need a ‘Consent form’ to pop up when a new user first visits a site.

You know the kind of thing… “Some users may find the contents of this site offensive” “Proceed” | “Take me back to safety”

It should be “modal” and take up the full screen, with configurable text, background and buttons. Once consent has been given, it will not popup again.

If I search “Plugins” for “Consent”, there are three. “Cookie Consent” and “Simple Cookie” are not sufficiently configurable. “GDPR Privacy Setup” does not install easily from the Grav control panel.

I am happy to sponsor this plugin so it becomes available to all.

What is the protocol around sponsored features?

Is this something someone could help with?

Should I post to a contracting site rather than here?

Many thanks,