Combine fulltext search with tag filtering through logical operators

I’m trying to figure if Grav can provide this sort of functionality. Essentially we are in a newsroom-like business which syndicates content out to many other websites. So we create various tags on our content, for example “Published” which could have values such as New York Times, LA Times, Seattle Times. This would indicate all the places that content has been syndicated to.

When I perform a search on my content, say for the word baseball, I would like to be able to add a filter through tags, for example to search for the word “baseball” and also apply filters so that the result would only show those articles that have been given to LA Times and New York Times.

Is it possible to create a search form with this functionality. I tried figuring out if Page Collections can help, but I havent made much progress. Please note that the combination of tags here is not fixed and will be set by the user based on their filtering requirements.

There’s no built-in support for the type of search you’re asking about. Nor is a fully generic solution really possible. You would need to create a plugin specific to your situation. See the SimpleSearch plugin for a starting point. There’s also a TNTSearch plugin.