Change logo colour as in Open Publishing (Blogging) Space

Just installed this great skeleton : Open Publishing (Blogging) Space.

On the main page (Blog), when the main image is showing i.e. is open, my logo has black lettering and is almost invisible against the header background. When the image is closed, the header is white and the logo looks fine. It’s a PNG image.

How can get the same effect, so that I can place a light logo on a dark background and a dark one on the white header. Can’t see how it’s done. Are there two logos and where are they stored?

I’d appreciate your help.

Best regards

It is a SVG logo. It’s the same logo. The fill color depends on the header you choose: light or dark header. The dark header CSS overwrites the standard light header CSS.

You can see the CSS defs in the developer console of your browser. If your logo is a bitmap, then this mechanism does not apply.

Hello Harald

Once again, many thanks. I suspected it had to do with SVG - I’m not too familiar with those, so I guess I’ll have to learn :grinning:

Best regards and have great evening.


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