Change blog post type to QUOTE?

Newbie question… probably very simple, but how do I change the blog post type to QUOTE? Thank you in advance for your help.

I should clarify… POST FORMAT to quote, is what I’m looking for. I see the styling for it in the CSS, just not sure how to call it from the post so it shows the correct icon. Thanks again.

You probably tend to use the WP terminology, is that right?

Grav does not have that concept of post format, because it does not restrict you to any fixed type of post.

That said, your easiest option is probably writing blog posts with the quote in the text, and under “Advanced” in the page fill the “Body classes” and add “quote_post”. Then in your CSS you’ll reference body.quote_post and add your styling there.

Another option is creating a new page template for quotes.

Thanks. But, yes… generally thinking like WP. However, the CSS in the skeleton I downloaded has references to different post format icons. Unfortunately, it didn’t have one as a sample. I’m going to pull down one with a quote in it to see. But, I like your idea… definitely a simple solution. Thanks again.