Can you set a viewable permission to a collection

if I have a homepage that displays 5 slides

can I set each slide to be visible if you are a member of a group?

-slide 1 - group 1
-slide 2 - group 2
-slide 3 - group 1 and 2

currently i display my slides with this code on the home page

{% for child in collection %}
        {% include 'slide.html.twig' with {'blog': page, 'page': child, 'truncate': true} %}
{% endfor %}

and have 5 subpages containing

   site.paid: true

this doesn’t work, but not sure if it is possible and how to go about it, any hints would be great

@dean_007, Grav’s permissions does not provide the granularity on a image by image basis. A user either has or has no permission to see the page.

Having said that… Inside your loop, I suspect you can check the group of the user using grav.user.groups and only include the slide when the user belongs to the correct group.

See Theme Variables | Grav Documentation

Ok i can see where you are going with this

So if i were to create a variable like this

  - group1
  - group2
var display = false;

{% for child in collection %}
  {% if config.plugins.login.enabled and grav.user.username %}
      {% for g in allowedGroups  %}
        {% if g ==  %}
          display =true
        {% else %}
          display = false
        {% endif %}
      {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
  {% if display == true or allowedGroups is empty  %}
        {% include 'slide.html.twig' with {'blog': page, 'page': child, 'truncate': true} %}
  {% endif %}
  display = false
{% endfor %}

This was typed on my phone so might not be absolutely correct, but ill give it a go.

Thanks for the idea, ill report back with how i go.

@dean_007, Small correction, its grav.user.groups which is an array.