Big Emergency ; error 0 - "you do not have sufficient funds to use this service"


We have a website hosted on GRAV; and since 2 hours, we have this server error appearing :

"Server Error

Sorry, something went terribly wrong!

0 - An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“You do not have sufficient funds to use this service.”).

For further details please review your logs/ folder, or enable displaying of errors in your system configuration."

Our developer is gone giving birth, and we are clueless; where should we look? What should we pay?

Thank you so much for anyyyyy kind of help!!!


@NaomieDecarie, It seems your site is making use of one or more third parties in order to handle subscriptions/payments and to stream a video. One of these third parties does not allow you to use their services because there is not enough funding: “You do not have sufficient funds to use this service.”

Grav traps that error and shows you an error page containing the error of the third party.

My first suggestion would be to find out which third parties you make use of and check the subscriptions for these parties.

It seems your website makes use of a service called Maxmind on the video and subscription pages for geolocation and/or fraud prevention.

You should check if that’s true and find your account credentials and top up your credits for the continued use of their service.

Update: does your site make use of plugins called geoplugin or iplocate?

Thank you so much for you two!!

So, it was exactly that : we were late to pay for our Maxmind service, so the videos and subscriptions were blocked.

I am really impressed; how have you been able to find it was this particular service?


Thank you soooo much for the quick reply!!! It’s incredible the help of the community!!


@NaomieDecarie, Googls is your friend…

Search on “You do not have sufficient funds to use this service.” and you will find MaxMind all over…

It also helps knowing that “You do not have sufficient funds to use this service.” is not a message originating from Grav…