Appi crashes with Admin

Brand new to Grav. I installed Appi skeleton but it does not come with Admin so I installed Admin the same way I did to Clean Blog and Tintamare. But Appi crashes terribly and I have no idea why. See and maybe you can tell me how to fix this.

Also, in Tintmare theme, I can’t find the content anywhere in Admin. pages. My guess is it rendered by Javascript?

We are a web design company looking to replace WordPress with something like Grav… but have found it to be rather buggy. For example… editing code with Admin in Appi, you can’t get a paragraph break… unless you actually add . It does not look like the Markdown compiler is working.

Anyway, until we can figure out the crash above, we won’t go further with the platform.


Solved. I did an upgrade to Appi and now admin work fine.

Hi there. I was only able to get the Appi skeleton working after installing the login plugin and also doing a bin/gpm self-upgrade to upgrade Grav itself.

That skeleton hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and IMO, at this stage every skeleton should be coming with Admin and its dependencies built in as a requirement.