Ajax to access the frontmatters?


First, I need to confess that I’m new with Javascript.
That being said, here is what I want to achieve :

A page “Tourism”. On that page, two things :

  • A google maps with multiple markers
  • A list of those markers, with one picture, a heading and a subheading for each.
    When I’ll click on one item in the list, or on one of the marker, it will link to a page, with a full description of the marker. (image, heading, subheading, text)

I thought to do it like that :


On the page tourism, I’ll list my markers with :

    items: @self.children

In every marker.md, I’ll have a frontmatter with :


So the question, is it possible to access to those frontmatters with ajax, to get the data I need to generate the google maps ?

I would need, first, to loop in each sub folder of the page tourism, read the marker.md and get the variables “heading”, “subheading”, etc…

Is it a good way to achieve that ?
Or should I think of an ohter way ?

I’m not asking for a ready made solution, I just want to know if it’s possible and if you think that it’s a good way of doing it. I’m eager to learn, but if I can learn something new for me and have a result… it’s even better.

Thanks in advance for all your advise !