ACL permissions on existing folders (web apps) on server

Being fairly new to Grav CMS - and fascinated - I was very glad to find out about the existence of ACL permission in the standard Login-Plugin. I would love to find out if Grav is capable of achieving the following. Didn’t find anything on the Community Forums so far.

Hosting Grav in the root directory of my Apache webserver, is there a way of integrating existing (self-contained) web-apps hosted in subfolders within root into Grav’s ACL capabilities?

Scenario – Let’s say I have an existing folder structure:

  /       ... root directory (Grav will be installed here)
  /john   ... a php-mysql-based web app with its own interface
  /paul   ... anoter web app so to speak (e.g. Dokuwiki)

Now I would like to link from Grav pages into /john and /paul (by the way: I don’t need a SSO solution, such as O-Auth or SimpleSAMLPhp here). If necessary for Grav I could add single *.md files into these subfolders as well.

My requirements would be:

  • example . com … landing page = login form
  • or … user gets redirected to login form
  • after logging in, the page within Grav contains links – for instance users from Group A see example . com/john and users from Group B see example . com/paul
  • upon clicking on the link the ACL manages to show the “landing page” of the specific web-app
  • (sidenote) I would like to avoid this if possible :see_no_evil: but think it would be possible to “host” the existing web apps also within Grav’s folder-structure, so instead of /john rather in /user/pages/05.john for instance (if the configuration of the web-apps allow to define a new “root-directory” from their perspective and use relative path-structures of course)

Thanks in advance for any tips on this!