Access to modular page in php [Custom Shortcode]


i have made a custom shortcode to lazyload some images with the shortcode-core plugin.

Here my code :

namespace Grav\Plugin\Shortcodes;
use Thunder\Shortcode\Shortcode\ShortcodeInterface;

class lazyloadImageShortcode extends Shortcode
  public function init()
    $this->shortcode->getHandlers()->add('lazyload-image', function(ShortcodeInterface $sc) {

      $image = $this->getImage($this->grav['page'], $sc->getParameter('image'));

      return $this->twig->processTemplate('partials/lazyload-image.html.twig', [
        'image' => $image,
        'fullwidth' => $sc->getParameter('fullwidth'),
        'figcaption' => $sc->getParameter('figcaption'),
        'class' => $sc->getParameter('class'),
        'alt' => $sc->getParameter('alt'),
        'width' => $this->config->get('plugins.lazy-load.width'),

  public function getImage($page, $media){
    return $page->getMedia()->get($media);

It works well in normal page but nothing appears in modular page. I tried to debug and $this->grav[‘page’] can’t find the page object in modular page.

Someone can help me ? I specify, I’m not a developer, I tried to get inspiration from the code of other plugins to design this little piece of code. I think I need to test if the page is modular or not…


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