AboutMe Plugin Doesn't work

I installed the Plugin AboutMe, but nothing happens. My theme is antimatter the plugin is enabled, I installed the plugin via the admin panel. Has anyone an idea whats the matter ?

Did you comply to the usage instructions? https://github.com/Birssan/grav-plugin-about-me#usage

I’m a noob too… when the documentation says "just include the partial template from the plugin wherever you want it to show in your page. " … and then gives us this snippet of code " {% include ‘partials/aboutme.html.twig’ %} " … I tried pasting that into all sorts of places… no luck in getting the AboutMe Santa info to show. @ulrichlettau … did you get your’s to work? Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

You paste that code into your template where you want it to appear. Start with the official theme documentation.

I tried adding {% include ‘partials/aboutme.html.twig’ %} to my modular.html.twig file ( used by the page in question ) … it gave me this error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“Division by zero”) in “modular.html.twig” at line 14.

I’ll keep experimenting :slight_smile: