404 Error Page appears larger

My 404 page appear larger than my other pages. It appears that elements on the 404 error page are inheriting font-sizes from a different source than all other pages. I see a similarly larger elements on the error page when I purposely attempt to login via an incorrect user name while utilizing the Private Plugin.

I started to play around with the Error plugin’s blueprints.yaml, changing size from medium to small, but no luck…

      type: text
      size: small
      label: 404 Route
      default: '/error'

I am not sure what to do to make the page itself smaller but you do not need to mess with the blueprints.yaml file. That file is what tells the admin plugin how to render configuration options.

@tele-pet Does it appear on the frontend? If yes, then it has most likely to do with CSS rules (e.g. the ones the Private plugin sets). Use your browser then to inspect the page and what is going on.

If it appears in the backend… well, then that is strange and we definitely need more info.

@vivalldi: thanks for the clairification. I’ll stay away from blueprints.yaml. @Sommerregen: it appears on the front-end, so must be the CSS code. I did have a custom.css file started in my CSS folder, but I’ve commented that out for the moment as I trouble-shoot this.